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Anna Maria Island Home Deals

Anna Maria Island Home Deals
Cindy, Find me a killer deal!” This is something I hear so often that so I decided to give buyer tips and instructions on what you need to do to find that killer deal! So you want an Anna Maria Island Home deals?

The First and most important thing for Anna Maria Home deals you need to do is to get a Pre-approval for a mortgage from a lender or provide a letter of proof of funds if you are paying cash. The listing agents representing these properties and banks will NOT submit your offer to the Seller without one. Buyers who are prepared and have these letters will be able to submit offers immediately. I typically don’t show property to buyers without having this letter. It shows me that you are a qualified and legitimate buyer and not wasting time. This also tells me what you are able to afford so we don’t make an offer on a house for $200k, when the lender says you can only mortgage $180k. Or vice versa, you may be able to afford more than you originally thought!

Now that you know what you can spend to find Anna Maria Island Home Deals Find a knowledgeable Realtor that works the area you are interested in. Realtors that are savy keep up with the market daily and can contact you immediately when something comes on the market.

Speaking of the area, you are interested in… Location, Location, Location.
Anna Maria Island Homes and Longboat Key Homes were not hurt as badly as the Bradenton and Sarasota markets and are recovering much faster. As of today there are only 2 Anna Maria Island foreclosure homes for sale and there are only 7 Longboat Key foreclosure homes for sale. You will have to wait longer and be more patient in the highly desirable areas. Anna Maria home deals can be found!

Get Real to find Anna Maria Island Home Deals. Come on now everyone is looking for that killer deal. Believe it or not, Investors, Realtors and buyers like yourself scour the Anna Maria Island real estate market, Longboat Key market and Bradenton Real estate market DAILY! Gone are the days where you will find the really good deal and be able to flip the property quickly to make a huge profit. The huge profit margins just aren’t there anymore. Think about this for a minute…if a killer deal hit the market below appraisal or market value don’t you think it would be bought up in seconds by one of the thousands of Realtors, buyers or investors that are watching the market daily?

Don’t ignore the Regular Sellers to find Anna Maria Island Home Deals. Many of the deals that I have found lately were actually just regular sellers, not short sales or a foreclosure! There are many sellers out there ready to let go of their property at market value and below and willing to make deals happen. Don’t let the media brainwash you into thinking only the good deals are distressed properties. What most people don’t realize is that our values are below what they were before the boom.

Scour the local newspapers: The Longboat Key Observer, The Islander, The Sun, The Bradenton Herald and Craigslist or take out your own personal ad mentioning what you are looking for.

Stop by an inquire at garage sales, who knows maybe the house will be coming on the market soon.

Check out the foreclosure auctions to find Anna Maria Island Home Deals . Check the Manatee Clerk of Court or talk to your bank or mortgage company.

The bottom line here is please call me~Cindy Quinn Anna Maria Island Realtor and tell me what you are looking for and let’s get started to help you find that killer deal!

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