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Tampa Bay Lightning Family Carnival Last Sunday my family and I headed to the "Tampa Bay Lightning Family Carnival" for a day of fun! My family goes crazy for professional Hockey especially the Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts! We live just 50...

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Anna Maria Island

Romantic things to do on Anna Maria Island

Romantic things to do on Anna Maria Island Romantic things to do on Anna Maria Island is easy to do!  AMI is a gorgeous 7 mile barrier island with glistening white sandy beaches and emerald green waters. How could you not find romantic th...

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Dog Friendly Dining

Happy DogsDog friendly dining options abound on Anna Maria Island and the surrounding beaches. Our pets are members of our families and these days many people like to bring their furry friends along for a night on the town. For a great sub...

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Florida Style

Florida toes in the sand-the dressy look. Say the words Florida Style and likely you will receive a variety of reactions from out of state people. Those of our friends from sophisticated locales such as NYC or Toronto may smile indulgently...

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Anna Maria Island Birds

Roseate Spoonbill Lands in the waterVisitors come to this area to see Anna Maria Island birds. Beautiful beaches, warm gulf breezes and exotic tropical landscaping are probably at the top of most people’s lists but what many visitors are su...

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Romantic Beach Weddings

Jumping in the warm Gulf for Joy after a dream wedding!Well it’s that time of year again. Wedding season. What could be more romantic than getting married on the beach with your toes in the sand and the Gulf of Mexico gently lapping in the ...

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Beach Reading

Toes in the sand. Great book in hand. One of the best things to do in Florida is to spend a day with a great book doing a little Beach Reading! There is something so relaxing about lounging under the warm Florida sun with your toes in the ...

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Cortez Fishing Village

A view from one of the docks at Cortez. Home to many local fishermen.The historic Cortez Fishing Village, nestled right next to the Cortez bridge on the Bradenton side was founded in the 1880’s. One of the last remaining authentic fishing v...

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What is a Manatee?

Two gentle Manatees swimming. What is a Manatee? Manatees are large, gentle marine mammals who live in warm tropical waters. Sometimes called Sea Cows, these docile creatures are slow, languid swimmers. Primarily vegetarians, they eat most...

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Grouper Fish

Giant Goliath Grouper Grouper fish can be found swimming in warm tropical waters. They are fished primarily in Florida, The Bahamas and most of the Caribbean. These fascinating fish can grow as large as 800 lbs! Catching this Grouper fish ...

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